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Launch Marketing Strategy

Whether it’s a new product, a new division or a whole new company, Enlutions excels when there is just a blank slate and the opportunity to bring something entirely new to market. From just an idea or vision, Enlutions can bring it to life and handle everything from defining the strategy, execution and ultimately the launch of this new product, service or business.

CRM / Customer Engagement

Creation of comprehensive marketing programs designed to acquire, maintain and maximize customer relationships, with particular emphasis on personalized messaging, targeted investement and seamless use of target, curriculum and trigger marketing across all channels.

Program Execution

A marketing plan is only as good as the execution of the plan, which is why Enlutions handles the execution of the marketing plan across channels: email, digital, websites, direct mail, brochures, podcasts, social media.


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Why Choose Us?

Enlutions provides its clients with a synthesis of brand and direct marketing, sound strategic planning and flawless execution. Unlike a traditional agency, Enlutions focuses its efforts on the strategic planning function first and foremost. With a strategic plan that does a better job of identifying and directly addressing your marketing challenges, you are ensured of generating better results once the creative process is undertaken.
We Can Bring Your Vision to Life
The first conversations with most of Enlutions’ clients have started with the business owner or CEO saying, “I have an idea . . .”  We then take it from there — whether it’s launching a new product, a new division or an entirely new business. Enlutions handles the business strategy, financial modeling, revenue strategy and launch plans, working with you every step of the way to help make your dream become a reality, or in some cases, solve your biggest headaches impacting your business today.
A Plan is Only as Good as Its Execution
As the saying goes, a good game-plan perfectly executed will always beat a brilliant game-plan poorly executed.  Unlike many consultants and strategy groups, we don’t hand over a polished report to sit on a desk and gather dust. Also we’re not a creative-only group that simply handles the design of logos, websites, collateral and such.

We roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty as we handle all aspects of executing the business and marketing plan. This can mean:

  • Not just designing your website and developing all of the content, but also setting up the website hosting, email provider and other cloud computing and digital assets required for the project. Plus, building awareness of the launch through social media, press releases and media relations.
  • Not just developing the marketing and branding around a podcast, but also setting up the hosting, distribution and optimization of downloads and listener retention.
  • Not just creating a direct mail package, but also working with printers and lettershops for execution of the campaign and setting up the eCommerce platform for taking online orders and the fulfillment center for delivering orders.

Once its launched, then the hard work begins . . .
No marketing program can run on its own. It takes a constant eye to make sure the “trains are running on time” and to constantly identify opportunities for improving results or maximizing revenue.

Enlutions can help to manage the program at whatever level is required — whether that means handling it as a fully outsourced program, assisting internal staff, or in some cases recruiting and onboarding an internal team.

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